Stanford Online Resources for Learning During COVID-19

We are committed to supporting both our local and extended communities during this time and ongoing. Please refer to the following links to assist you.

Latest Stanford Information about COVID-19 


Programs for Individuals

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Programs for Groups

The Stanford Center for Professional Development can help you set up an online educational program for your company, nonprofit, government organization, or other group that is tailored to your needs. Learn more.

Resources for Stanford Educators

Find answers about delivering your Stanford teaching online at

Moving your courses online? Download our PDF guide — Stanford Online Course Creation Essentials — and get help transitioning your courses to online delivery.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Technology & Learning offers services for Stanford faculty and instructors. Visit

Resources for Higher Education (beyond Stanford)

Stanford Online content is available to support academic continuity at nonprofit educational institutions. To learn more, contact us at

Resources for K-12 Educators

Stanford Online High School (for grades 7-12)
Stanford Graduate School of Education


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For Press and Media Inquiries

Contact Judith Romero, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing
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